Beyond The Flow is a 1/2 day immersion that will lift your practice above and beyond. Coming from a mixed movement background, Holistic Movement’s Harry & Complete Body Approach’s Fin, work together to unlock your true movement potential.

With their unique philosophy around play and movement exploration, you will learn how to fine tune your postures, bullet proof your joints, and open up your body & mind in a new playful way.

At Beyond the Flow, we are here to support you on how to create awareness around traditional yoga practice and cultivate change by incorporating methods from mixed martial arts, gymnastic strength training and corrective exercises that will bring your body awareness, flexibility and strength to new levels.

Who Is This For

Beyond The Flow is for men, women, yoga instructors, yogi’s and anyone keen to learn more about their bodies & movement. This workshop will include a full spectrum of movements and poses that will challenge everyone from a weekend warrior to the more superior yogi. All movements are scalable and adaptable to suit your needs.

What To Expect

Imagine a day where we breakdown the basic components of yoga practice and create a new space in each, for you to move through and learn from. Starting at the basics, we aim to educate participants on body positioning, awareness of flow, and how to integrate movement through the entire body, utilising the fascial slings and proper alignment. From here, we will continue to expand your knowledge by opening up your mind to new movements and possibilities within your body to challenge every level of participants.

Workshop Logistics

Date: Sunday May 7th

Time: 10.45am for 11am start

Location: Twisted Peacock Yoga Osborne Park

Cost: $125 pp ($50 deposit)

If you have any questions, please contact Fin on 

About The Facilitators


Harry Williams (AKA Holistic Movement)

Harry is a Yoga Instructor, Handstand & Movement Coach that combines his past experiences of skateboarding, martial arts, movement conditioning into his unique philosophy around movement and play. Harry implements the main theory behind Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do practice of "Use only that which works and take it from any place you can find it." This helps to add extra layers of complexity to all aspects of his and your training

Fin McKenna-Fox (AKA Complete Body Approach)

Fin is a Movement Therapist who combines his Sports Physio background with a variety of manual & alternative therapies, modalities and movement. He believes that we need to gain a deeper understanding of our bodies and learn how to tune into what they are telling us about our current restrictions & limitations. Injuries don't just occur, there are numerous warning signs that persist for long periods of time, if we choose to ignore them the signs only get louder.