Complete Body Coaching Sessions

Complete Body Coaching sessions are for those long term clients who wish to take their practice to the next level with ongoing coaching and support.

This process will ensure that they learn a deeper understanding of the process, their bodies and how to manage and maintain their wellness .


Once we complete a Complete Body Mapping session, have worked out exactly what is going on within your body and lifestyle, and what your short, medium & long-term goals are, we can start working closely together to create REAL change in all areas of your life.

What A Session Looks Like..

Each 60 minute session will be individually tailored towards your goals and needs and are based around nurturing our philosophy of;


Each session varies and may include a combination of hands on treatment, mobility & movement, balance & coordination, strength & conditioning, or nutrition & lifestyle education. Full programming for your training week is included with ongoing support throughout.

For those who wish to have train by themselves, they can also receive guidance and support in their own practice through maintenance check-in’s. As part of a maintenance session, we can reassess your movement & posture, look at your current programming and start to create a new program to help enhance your training and movement practice.


1 x 60 Min. Private Session; $110 or $525 for 5

1 x 45 Min. Private Session; $80 or $375 for 5

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