Complete Body Maintenance Sessions

Complete Body Maintenance sessions are for those long term clients who have been working with me for some time, have a good understanding of the process, their bodies and how to manage and maintain their wellness


Once we complete a Complete Body Mapping session, have worked out exactly what is going on within your body and lifestyle, and what your short, medium & long-term goals are, we can start working closely together to create REAL change in all areas of your life.

What A Session Looks Like..

Each 60 minute session will be individually tailored towards your goals and needs and are based around nurturing our philosophy of;


Each session varies and may include a combination of hands on treatment, mobility & movement, balance & coordination, strength & conditioning, or nutrition & lifestyle education.

As part of a maintenance session, we can reassess your movement & posture, look at your current programming and start to create a new program to help enhance your training and movement practice.


1 x 60 Min. Private Session; $110

1 x 45 Min. Private Session; $80

(Packs of 5 Available)

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