Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out my Corporate Wellness Space. My passion is helping others create change  within themselves, and connect better with themselves, their environments & their relationships.

With over 12 years working as a Movement Therapist & Coach, I have delved deep in the search for knowledge in all things holistic health. Very early on in my career I saw that nutrition and movement were only very small aspects to what help us get healthy, and more importantly stay healthy.

I believe that we need to look at the bigger picture; how our environment affects our health, the stressors that we face on a daily basis, the toxins that are present all around us, the connection that we have with our bodies, the time we spend and connect with nature, and the relationships that we have with the people around us (and with ourselves).

As well as working in my private practice, I have spent time working within the mining industry as a Health & Lifestyle Coordinator on remote sites around WA, as well as an Exercise Consultant in two of the largest Corporate gyms in the Perth CBD. Throughout my time here, I was able to really connect with the workforce to see what was needed at the ground level in order to bring their health & wellness to the next level.

Through my time in these roles I was able to have an extremely positive impact on the work-related injury stats through the unique programs and classes that were tailor made for the specific workforces. These included Movement Snacks to combat RSI & desk-job related injuries, Movement Classes & Programs including pre-start & re-start procedures as well as Health & Wellness Presentations.

I believe that in order to create positive change within a workforce it needs to be integrated throughout all tiers of management and employees, and embedded into the culture of the organisation.

Ergonomics was the old way, and in order to move forward we need to be the leaders of change that we wish to see. I believe we need to educate our employees in order to empower them to take their health & wellness to the next level. By creating a culture in your office space around movement, communication, connection, and mindfulness you will not only increase your productivity within your organisation, but you will create a better environment for all to enjoy.

How We Can Create Change Together...

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Who Am I?

My name is Fin and I am a Movement Therapist & Coach. My passion is helping others create change within themselves, and connect better with themselves, their environments & their relationships.  

Starting off with a BSc in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation I continued to develop my skills, improve my knowledge base and PLAY with my own body, working out all aspects of movement, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality and overall wellbeing.  

I believe that I am on a never-ending journey working with the beauty of the human body and am very excited to see where this journey brings me and the people that I can empower along the way.  

I believe that the issues, restrictions and limitations in my own body are the keys that have unlocked my growth & development and allowed me to help and empower so many others do the same for themselves.  

My aim for sharing the work that I offer is to reach others on a deeper level than I have previously explored, and to bring together all of my past and present learnings & teachings into individualised programs to help create real change for others. 

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