After the huge success of the first EPL 4 Longevity program, I am excited to launch my next 4 Week program starting January 30th 2017 that will explore the inner workings of the mind-body connection and enhancing your health and wellbeing by creating healthy habits.

"Good Habits Are Hard To Form But Easy To Live With. Bad Habits Are Easy To Form But Hard To Live With."

Brian Tracey

You Choose…

By opening up your awareness of your body and how it is interwoven into the world around us, you will be amazed by the results that will come your way.

This is not an easy road to take, but with my guidance and commitment to you, we will take the first steps together and start Unlocking Your True Potential…

Your Investment

All this for ONLY $60 one off payment

By nourishing our bodies with the right foods it allows us to see positive results throughout our body, be it a better inflammatory responses to injuries, to a reduced stress levels.


By nourishing our bodies with the right movements daily, it allows every single joint, ligament, tendon & muscle to experience its full range available.

By nourishing all aspects of our life we can learn what may be holding us back from success & why our bodies may not be allowing us to move forward.

The Eat Play Live programme was excellent, offered great value for money and Fin took a real hands on approach to it! It's great to be more in tune with my bodies wants and needs, and when you eat better you feel, sleep and look better :)

A pioneering specialist in his field with a warm and friendly personal approach to his work. I always turn to Fin for advice on my physical and mental well-being.


While working with Fin for the last few years, I have gained a lasting understanding of “fitness”. His philosophy “Eat, Play, Live” has helped me to assess and adjust several aspect of my lifestyle for the better.

Your Investment

All this for ONLY $60 one off payment

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If you have any questions regarding the program, please just get in touch and we will gladly offer our assistance.