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By definition, Movement Therapy refers to a broad range of Eastern & Western movement approaches used to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

So what is it that you do then?

After working as a Sports Physiotherapist for a number of years I began exploring more of the holistic approach to working with the body as I was still having lots of issues with my own body without resolution. After studying a number of alternative therapies, working with other movement coaches and exploring my own body, I learned how to interlink both my previous studies and my new passions together to help connect with others and resolve issues with their own bodies.

What are Fin’s qualifications?

  • Higher Cert in Physiology & Health Science
  • First Class Honors Degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Emmett Therapy Practitioner
  • Anatomy in Motion Practitioner
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning
  • Diploma in Alpha Alignment
  • Fascial Movement, Mobilisation & Freeing
  • Don Tolman Basecamp for Health
  • … Observer of Movement & Life…

What can The Complete Body Approach do for me?

By assessing your posture, gait & movement patterns Fin is able to map out your body and show you why you may be presenting with your specific restrictions & limitations. Everything comes down to the way we move, and through gait ALL restrictions can be seen. If our body is holding itself back from previous trauma & is living within a comfort zone, then you are limited in what you can achieve. By teaching your body to become confident in your full ranges, your body will begin to unravel itself and become aligned through movement.

Why is the Initial Consultation 1.5hours?

This gives enough time to really dig deep in your history and get to the underlying causes of your presenting condition. Fin believes an injury or illness doesn’t just happen, it is an accumulation of a lot of unheard warning signs from our body until they present big enough to become heard.

This session will look at The Big 4 Of Healing

What is the follow on procedure after initial consultation?

Once your body has been mapped out, you will receive a combination of hands on therapy along with movement exploration drills to start unlocking your restrictions & teaching your body how to move out of its comfort zone. Within the first 2 weeks, Fin likes to see clients 3 times (1 x initial, 2 x follow-up’s). This allows enough time to start making changes to your body and allowing you to begin unlocking your true movement potential. Over the coming weeks, your own program may vary depending on your response to treatments, coherence to homework & presenting condition.

This is not just a quick fix solution, it is a complete overhaul of how you connect & move within your body. Fin will also help with your nutrition & lifestyle to improve your response to treatment, as well as look at your ongoing training.

Can I claim on my health fund?

In order to work the way he works and combine all of his specialist modalities together, Fin decided that he would not become fully recognized as a claimable health care provider. He currently works through ESSA as an Accredited Sports Scientist.

Where can I make an appointment?

To get in contact, please click here

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