Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Movement Therapy?

By definition, Movement Therapy refers to a broad range of Eastern & Western movement approaches used to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Coming from a background in Sports Physio, Fin links his classical studies with a more holistic approach when working with clients. Fin does not work to treat injuries, but more-so facilitate a healing process within his clients by guiding them to move better and connect more with their own bodies, thus building solid foundations of health & wellness to operate from.

What are Fin’s qualifications?

  • Higher Cert in Physiology & Health Science

  • First Class Honors Degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Emmett Therapy Level 1-6, EP 1 & 2, (Alternative Therapy)

  • Anatomy in Motion Practitioner (Movement Assessment & Corrective Exercise Specialist)

  • Fascial Movement, Mobilisation & Freeing Technique

  • Diploma in Alpha Alignment (Alternative Therapy & Coaching)

  • Diploma in Meditation

  • Intuitive Healing (Combined Energy & Bodywork)

  • Don Tolman Basecamp for Health

  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning

  • Kettlebell Instructor

  • … Observer of Movement & Life…

What can The Complete Body Approach do for me?

By assessing your posture, gait & movement patterns Fin is able to map out your body and show you why you may be presenting with your specific restrictions & limitations. If our body is holding itself back from previous trauma & is living within a comfort zone, then you are limited in what you can achieve. By teaching your body to become more confident and move with freedom and ease, your body will begin to unravel itself and become aligned through natural movement.

When we also start to look at the bigger picture of your health and well-being, we can start to create lasting change through your environment, your nutrition & lifestyle habits & your connection to self. 

What is the process?

Generally there are two main avenues to begin working directly with Fin, with the first being via his Online Packages, and secondly through the Clinic.

Before starting to create change with new clients, you will be guided through a Complete Body Mapping session. This is an in-depth assessment that looks at your past injuries & experiences, your posture, your gait & key movement patterns.

This assessment really dig deep in your history and guides us to the underlying causes of your presenting condition. Fin believes an injury or illness doesn’t just happen, it is an accumulation of a lot of unheard warning signs from our body until they present big enough to become heard.

Once you have undergone the initial assessment in person or online, Fin will explain all findings to you and ensure all your questions are answered. You will receive a combination of hands on therapy (if in clinic) along with movement exploration drills to start unlocking your restrictions & teaching your body how to move out of its comfort zone.

You will then be guided through an individualised program tailored to your needs and finding from your mapping session and what your overall goals are. This program will include a daily movement routine as well as a base strength program depending on what you require.

Online support & a follow up appointment will be arranged to help make lasting changes to your body, assess your response to the process, coherence to homework & presenting condition.

This is not just a quick fix solution, it is a complete overhaul of how you connect & move within your body. Fin can also help with your lifestyle & nutrition to improve your response to treatment, as well as look at your ongoing training.

Please click here for more information on the Clinic or Online Programs available to you.

What happens in a Hands on Healing Session?

Each session varies depending on the presenting conditions. Fin utilises a wide variety of treatment modalities and tailors each session specific to what he is reading from your body. This may include Soft Tissue Release, Fascial Freeing, Trigger Point Therapy, Breathwork, Emmett Therapy (a neuromuscular technique), Alpha Alignment (an alternative healing therapy) and Intuitive Healing (combined energy work & bodywork) to provide you with the treatment that your body is asking for whilst empowering you & your body to heal itself. All treatments are locked in with specific exercises that nourish your body with optimal movement patterns, thus reprogramming your nervous system.

After each session, be gentle with yourself, ensure you drink plenty of water and do not have any strenuous activities planned for the remainder of the day. 

What happens in a Movement Session?

Every movement session is tailored directly for each individual on that specific day. There is always a system & program in place, however Fin's aim is to educate each person he works with to become more intuitive with their body and tailor their movement practice accordingly each day. 

The key elements include; Mobility & Flexibility Training, Movement Patterns & Postural Awareness, Locomotion, Strength Training, Stability & Balance, Movement Exploration & Play. 

Where can I make an appointment?

In-person sessions are available at The Clinic so please contact us direct or keep an eye out on our social media for the release date's for any upcoming clinic availability.

Can I claim on my health fund?

When Fin first came to Australia he got all of his Irish qualifications registered to work in Australia but did not complete everything to become fully recognised as a claimable health care provider as he focused his attention of further studies and learning.

He currently works through ESSA as an Accredited Sports Scientist however he is now in the process of getting recoignised fully as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, therefore services will be claimable early 2019.