Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food"


Food For Fuel

There are countless debates happening right now over what diet is the best, and how we should be feeding our body: be it Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Clean Eating, Low Carbs. etc...

We all know what is good for us & what is not, however why do so many of us make the wrong choices every day when it comes to what we put into our bodies? Why is the health system in crisis due to the dramatic increases in obesity, diabetes, food allergies, and auto-immune disorders when more and more money is being spent on research to fight all these issues?

I believe that accountability is key, along with having a healthy relationship with your food.

In order to do this, you need to experiment with your food and find what works for you and your body. Be aware of the effects certain foods may have on your body while eating & the few hours after (does lactose make you bloated, does gluten upset your stomach, do you need some meat in your diet), and always listen to what your body is saying because it always knows what is best for you.

Too many people are not consciously aware of how food affects their health & wellbeing

This may sound too easy but it works: I have tried all of the above ways of eating and at the end of the day my body has always directed me back to what it really needs. The key here is to fuel yourself with nutrient dense foods that will provide your body with all of the Macro & Micro nutrients needed to grow, repair damaged tissue & heal itself. If you are not getting this foods then look at where you can make simple changes to improve on this...

That is why I am proud to be associated with Juice Plus, a company who's mission statement is to inspire healthy living around the world. We market a line of whole food nutritional products that consists of fruits, vegetables, berries and grains in capsules or soft chewables and two flavors of a protein drink mix. It is the most simple, & affordable whole food supplement that is out there and that is why I have aligned myself with it and recommend it to my clients.

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