Movement Classes

Movement Class

After working in the health & fitness industry for over a decade, I have seen it all. Also, coming from a therapist background, most of my job was undoing all of the injuries that were occuring from the daily stress that we put on our bodies, and I felt that clients were always just chasing their tails with regards to getting on top of injuries. That is why I knew that I needed to incorporate more movement and body awareness education into my work; and that is where my passion really grew legs.

In today’s’ society, we are spending more time sitting at our desks, on our commute to & from work, and in front of the TV to “unwind” after a long day however we feel like our bodies are capable to just jump into a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session, or heavy weights, or cardio with little to no movement prep or regard for our postures and bodies ability to move freely.

While working in a high stress environment, the last thing your body needs is more unnecessary stress placed on it through incorrect training and gym programming. In my time working in two of the largest corporate gyms in Perth CBD, I was able to create unique classes that were tailored to suit the needs of office workers. I was able to pull upon my years of experience as a therapist, rehabilitation & postural specialist, bodyweight strength and movement coach to create 3 amazing class formats to suit all needs and levels of fitness.

Bodyweight Strength

The aim of this class is to get your body strong, healthy & resilient. We will teach you upper and lower body push/pull movements as well as isometric holds, balancing and conditioning.

Mobility & Movement.png

The aim of this class is to enhance your flexibility, mobility & joint stability. We will teach you how to use this new range of motion through crawling, locomotion and animal flow patterns.

Breathe & Restorative.png

The aim of this class is to allow your body to destress & recover. We will teach you a variety of breathing techniques as well as work through gently restorative movement.

All classes can be individually designed to suit the needs & job tasks of your employees, the space available and if there is any equipment available to use (not necessary but can be a great tool).

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