* Are You Training Around Old Injuries & Niggles?

* Have You Been Training Hard, But The Results Are Not Matching Your Effort?

* Do You Feel Stuck With Certain Movements & Are Getting Frustrated Looking For The Answers? 

As a Movement Therapist, Fin's aim is to work closely with clients to open up their awareness of their bodies, teach them how to correct their movement patterns & Unlock Their True Potential.

Injuries do not just occur; they build up in our body over time due to poor movement & compensation patterns, recurrent movements with poor form, & from our general day-to-day habits.

Fin believes that;

"If We Are Unaware Of Our Restrictions, Then How Will We Ever Learn How To Overcome Them?"

Fin has created his unique Complete Body Mapping Session that lasts 1.5hrs. Through this process you will discover WHY your body is presenting with your restrictions & issues as well as learn how to empower yourself to work through them yourself rather than relying on a therapist to "fix" you.

20th June

Very Limited Spaces!!

Complete Body Mapping Session Includes

  • Detailed History (assessment forms to fill out & send in before your visit)
  • Postural Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Movement Analysis
  • Map Out & Breakdown For Client


  • This is individualised depending on what comes up in the initial body mapping, but it is a combination of breath work & hands on therapies to help unlock your restrictions
  • Movement Exploration exercises to reconnect your movement patterns and retrain your nervous system
  • Mobility exercises to enhance their response to our  Treat session & continue making change within their body

BONUS 4 Weeks Ongoing Support

Email summary of findings & Movement Exploration Exercises as part of a daily practice to continue creating change within your movements

Q&A email support for 4 weeks for any questions or queries you have as well as video support for your movement journey


€150 for 1.5 hours


Costello Yoga & Fitness

19/20 Park St. Monaghan Town