Ebony- Performer, Movement & Rehab (@blacksparklyunicorn )

I was unsure what to expect from a movement therapist when I booked in, however, I am happy that I did! Seeing Finn has helped me overcome injuries and improve my physical wellbeing more than I thought possible. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge of the human body and how it works, as well as his logical approach to treatment. A session starts with a thorough assessment followed by hands on treatment such as fascial release which makes you feel 100x better straight away. He also gives practical advice and targeted exercises to do at home. What I also really appreciated was the time he took to explain what was going on with my body and why the exercises/ therapy would help the situation and then personally follow up and see how I was going after each session. I can't recommend Finn highly enough if you want to overcome an injury or just get your body moving better!”


Darlene - Entertainer,  Movement & Rehab

I have had chronic pain for many years from a whiplash injury. Over the last few years I have been on a journey to heal myself naturally and to avoid medication for pain management. I recently started working with Fin at Complete Body Approach and I have had such a great shift in my mind and body - the results are almost immediate. Fin takes the time to look at the whole body and not just where the pain is – he has a very holistic approach and understands anatomy. His approach and therapy is unique but it really works. With a mix of hands-on treatments and a specific but simple exercise programme - I have had great results in such a short time. I highly recommend Complete Body Approach for your ongoing wellbeing.


Mike G. Shoulder Rehab

I have been seeing physio’s and chiropractors intermittently for 15 years since my shoulder injury, and whilst there has definitely been some benefit in the treatment, the upside in progress tends to diminish over time. Fin’s whole (complete) body approach looks at correcting imbalances in how I move overall, while also looking to strengthen and stabilise my shoulder through movement. My daily regime is enjoyable,  doesn’t take long, and I can see visible improvement in both my range of movement and muscle mass in a relatively short period of time.


Mark, Pro State Volleyball Player

“My name is Mark van Winsen, I’m 27 years old and have been playing sport my whole life. Ever since high school I have always had an abnormal gait and felt my general movement patterns caused me a lot of discomfort. I started to accept the fact I was too old to change my biomechanics, however after seeing Fin for three months I have experienced massive improvements in my movement. I feel stronger while exercising and my joint pain has improved dramatically. I really like that the therapy doesn’t involve physical manipulation to realign your body. Instead, Fin looks at changing your movement patterns with simple daily  exercises so that you train your body to work and move more efficiently.”


Yasmin Eve, Movement & Rehab

After just one session with the very talented @yasmin_eve we have begun the process of unlocking her movements and opening her body up to reach her full potential. “I’ve been doing the exercises at least 3 times everyday since you sent them... Seeing and feeling a huge change already; particularly in exercises finally feeling my left glute activate, generally feeling more aligned.”

Gavin O'Connor, Muay Thai

I actually can not put in words what fin has done for me. I have been going to to every physio, chiropractor and witch doctor in Perth with a pain in my right hip and what Fin has done in two months none of them got close too in two years. I train in Muay Thai and have been struggling with my flexibility but Fin has got me moving so much better and no pain in my right hip.


Vanessa, Movement & Rehab Client

I recently have been seeing Fin to help me to overcome the discomfort and restriction I experienced when trying to squat, which I have never been able to do – until now!. Fin did a full assessment of my gait and hip mobility and together with hands on therapy, education and movement exercises I now have much better ROM and can finally get ‘ass to grass’. Fin has an amazing depth of knowledge and unique holistic approach to helping clients. For anyone experiencing pain or restriction I would highly recommend having a consult with him.

 Sian Geldenhuys, Crossfit post 2 Knee Reconstructions

I came to see Fin (after changing physiotherapist twice before now) seeking relief for ongoing injuries that were not improving despite months of treatment and rehab. I had had two knee reconstructions a few years earlier which have left my body alignment a little out of whack and as a result I have had a series of injuries appear since starting Crossfit. Instead of treating the symptoms of the injury (as previous physiotherapists had), Fin looked a little deeper for a cause of the problems I was having. After one session with Fin, I noticed a drastic improvement in not only my squat (which was very rigid and painful) but also in other movements I used outside of Crossfit including those I use on the netball court and for running. After two short weeks of following my personalised therapy plan from Fin has not only improvement the injuries that I had been struggling with, but my recovery following workouts has improved with reduced stiffness and soreness in the mornings. I cannot thank Fin enough for all his help and highly recommend him to anyone with lingering injuries!


Jennifer Watt, Rehabilitation Client

I am 62 and have MS. Fin has helped me so much by giving me exercises to improve my balance, improve over all strenght and help me to get off the floor and not look like a bottoms up drunk!! I can now go upstairs without holding onto bannister, get up from lying down without holding onto anything Yeah! Fin challenges me each week to do better and work harder. He also has taught me to eat better and be more aware of my body and how to treat it better food wise. He certainly is passionate about what he teaches and for that I thank him and recommend him highly.

Dawn C Roberts, Rehabilitation & Training

I had a right total hip replacement 4 years ago at the young age of 45 years old. Prior to my surgery I was fit so figured my rehabilitation would be reasonably easy despite the fact I was sent home with the same post-surgery exercises given to the elderly. After going through good times and bad times and a huge amount of frustration and pain with my hip I went back to my surgeon and said that I was fed up and wanted some answers as to why I had such little strength in my right leg. He did an x-ray and ultrasound and said nothing was wrong and suggested various other expensive tests be carried out. MORE FRUSTRATION. Whilst speaking with my best friend who lives in Melbourne who had had a major back injury she suggested I do what she had done which was get a personal trainer who taught her how to switch on her glutes…………..!!!!!! I was already a member of Total Worx gym and knew who Fin was and also spoke to a few of the other girls I worked out with who were working with Fin and it was a no brainer. Then, speaking with Fin who said he could make me pain free………. Hallejula!!!!! It has now been 5 months and 3 programs and I just cannot believe the difference Fin’s programs have made. I was determined to make it work because of Fin’s confidence that it would work which gave ME the confidence and determination I needed. He tells me I have done the hard work but he gave me the value of his knowledge in order to do that. After giving up on the apparent EXPERTS I found my own EXPERT – Fin. I am not THERE yet but the improvement has been huge and people have noticed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Fin.


Darren Kinsella, Treatment & Rehabilitation

In December 2012 I had a mountain bike accident leaving me with many broken bones. One of which resulted in getting my right elbow joint replaced. 3 months after the operation and after extensive Physio work I was not seeing much results. I had very little movement in my arm and was getting worried I would lose my full range and my physio was not very positive. I looked for another Physio and found Finbar, straight away I found Fin very positive about getting me back as good as possible. After the first session I could notice a difference already. I have being seeing Fin now for 4 months and the improvements have been brilliant. Fin has been giving me extensive Physio and also doing rehabilitation programmes for the gym, which he regularly monitors and changes to help with my recovery. I am now very close to having full movement again thanks to Fins hard work. I could not recommend a better Physio than Finbar, he is great at what he does and a pleasure to deal with. After being told 7 months ago that I may not cycle a bike again, I competed in my first 3hour MTB race in Dunsborough, was great to be back!


Philip Bourke, Rehabilitation & Flexibility

My name is Philip and I am from Ireland. I lived with Fin for a few months in Australia before leaving to live in New Zealand’s amazing outdoors. It didn’t take long making friends with Fin as we are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about all aspects of fitness (mind body and soul), I have been training all my life and have played sports at a competitive level and it was a relief to finally meet someone who could really relate to specific injuries. Through the years my body has taken some beating however receiving Fin’s knowledge and understanding with regards to flexibility and rehabilitation has been amazing. I put all he said into action and these daily routines have made my body bulletproof. I have been on some extreme adventures the last year and since seeing Fin I have been training for a 100 mile race. You heard me!! (Extreme Mountain running) I can’t express in words the importance of what he thought me. You will not survive the training yet alone the race unless you know how your body works. Believe and be disciplined in what you do and you will conquer. So happy to see him doing fantastic things and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Top dude!

Holly Bootsma, Weight Loss & New Outlook on Life

So after being the fat friend for my whole life in 2010 I decided to change my life. My starting weight was 102kgs. Over the next 2 years I got my weight down to 82kg but would fluctuate up to 86kg. At this weight I was happy and content being a size 14. I then got engaged and wanted to look dreamy on the big day. I also knew I wanted to have kids and looking at my food habits made me realise that we would likely have fat kids- we choose their food so the blame would be on me! I was recommended Fin from Complete Body Approach by friends and their visual results were amazing!  I gave him a ring and it was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Initially I saw Fin and he made me fill in a form to see why I wanted to train with him and what I wanted to achieve.  Finn - unlike other trainers he looked at my body movements, sleep pattern and stress levels. Fin has a higher level of knowledge as he is university trained. Fin made me keep a food diary for a week - this was the moment I realised I'm fat because of food! You are what you eat On Fins program he recommended a Paleo style lifestyle.  It was so hard initially but now I have no desire to change the way I eat. I am now so aware of the emotional and bored eating that I used to do and have broken this habit. Psychologically I have a long way to go with the relationship I have with food but I now have the motivation and support to address the problem. Fin made up a program specific for me and was supportive though the whole process. Rather than be focused on the scales Fin focuses on the whole picture - body fat loss, the way you feel, the strength you gain and also achieving your goals. He is supportive and not only works hard to achieve your goals he sets his own progress goals for himself to achieve. After working with Fin since April my body has never looked better! I started at 82.2kg size 14 with Fin and am now am 76kg and an easy size 12. Fin is continuing to support my progress and I currently working toward doing the 12km city to surf. Pre Fin I couldn't run more than 500m! What a turn around! I feel amazing my body is smaller than it has been ever. I'm motivated to change my life and its thanks to fin. My whole attitude to health has completely changed. Food and being lazy is the problem not the fat! The fat is easy to lose when you have the support of Fin!

Noel Gilsenan, Strength Training & Weight Loss

I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym and working out, in the last year I was going to the gym on average about 4 times a week. I was also seeing a personal trainer once a week. There was no noticeable difference in my physique and I was getting frustrated by the amount of effort I was putting in and the minimal results I was seeing. Then I met Fin..... I was inspired and motivated by the change Fin had seen in his own body in 12 weeks and signed up for my own 12 week challenge. His regime included a total body assessment which is a unique approach that I have never been offered by a PT before, he also over hauled my eating and workout styles. He provided me with eating ‘hints & tips’ and offered me advice on my workout style. He also put me through my paces once a fortnight with a 1-1 training session. His routines and guidelines were easy to follow and he seemed to always be available for extra motivation or advice. Fin continually reassessed my body’s strengths, my fat loss and lean muscle gain. As these were all being measured at regular intervals it was an added incentive to stay on track. Fin also continued to adjust my programme as the weeks went on, with subtle changes in my programme it moved from a fat loss goal to a muscle building goal. It was reassuring to know that Fin was always thinking of my progress and wanted me to get the most out of his programme. Overall, Fin has changed my lifestyle for the better; he has made me a healthier, fitter version of me. The photo on the left was me at the beginning and the right was 12 weeks later!